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Woman’s Guide to ED – Common Rules and Recommendations

Woman's Guide to ED - Common Rules and RecommendationsExperts express a common opinion that erectile dysfunction is a “problem of two”, a man should not remain “one‒on-one” with his problem. It is faster and calmer to solve it with the participation of both partners.

Every man sooner or later faces ED. If a man is married or in a permanent relationship, he worries more about ED, because his sex life is more active and a man is afraid to disappoint his partner – stress, anxiety, irritability, isolation, self–doubt, other psychogenic manifestations that further worsen the quality of a man’s life are expected.

The development of the disease is usually gradual. At first, only some sexual contacts are unsuccessful, then the situation may repeat more often. As a result, a man tries to distance himself from a woman so that there is no opportunity to show his “inconsistency”, and women at this time begin to look for the reason for coldness in a relationship in themselves or in a possible partner’s betrayal. The finale of such a relationship can be constant quarrels, breakup of relationships, divorce.

The search for a way out of this situation should always begin with a dialogue between partners. It’s great if this is a frank conversation about problems, because mutual understanding of partners and their participation in solving the problem are of key importance.

Such a delicate conversation can develop according to various scenarios. If a man feels blamed for his failure, ridicule, humiliation of his manhood – a scandal is inevitable and a breakup is not excluded. And since a woman has a huge influence on a man and on his self-confidence, it is important, in this situation, to provide psychological support to her partner, show understanding and patience, offer and support the first appeal (visit) to the doctor.

Indeed, a healthy erection for a sexually mature man is a powerful subconscious stimulator of his male ego, where the psychological aspect prevails. Accordingly, erectile dysfunction is a real stress and a blow not only to a man’s health, but also to his self-esteem.

It is also not an option for a woman to pretend that nothing is happening. Ignoring the problem is ineffective and will only lead to a deterioration of the problem.

My boyfriend has erectile dysfunction what should I do?

If your partner has problems with an erection, then this affects your relationship with him. When you get the feeling that your partner is avoiding intimate relationships, first try to identify the reason – gently start a dialogue.

  • Read about erectile dysfunction and its treatment methods before a dialogue with your partner. Today, the Internet contains information about simple ways of primary diagnosis of ED – use it.
  • Talk frankly with your partner about the problem. It’s not easy to start such a conversation, so we offer you some tips on how to prepare for it.
  • For the first conversation, carefully choose the right moment. It is important that you both feel comfortable and that you have enough time to talk.
  • Don’t wait for him to be the first to talk about the problem.
  • Remind him that this is a common disorder that can be effectively treated.
  • During the conversation, let him know that he is not alone, and that you will solve the problem together.
  • Remind him that it is very important to see a doctor. Erectile dysfunction may be a consequence of some severe disease, so a timely medical examination is very important. It may also be a symptom of a more complicated disease.
  • Invite him to go to a consultation together.

Show your kind attitude and love for your partner

Try to show your love to your partner all the time and sincerely express your kind attitude towards him. Be gentle and patient, despite the fact that the problem affects you as well. Small signs of attention, such as an unexpected kiss, hug, caress or massage, will help your partner calm down and feel that you do not look down on him and that for you he does not cease to be a man. It will be easier for him to enjoy intimacy again, gain self-confidence and take up solving the problem.

Don’t take the blame and don’t make assumptions

Often a woman feels guilty that a man avoids intimacy, looking for defects in his own appearance. This can deprive her of self-esteem, make her withdraw, cause depressive states, which leads to even greater alienation between partners. Such feelings in most cases are not justified, since the real reason for avoiding intimate relationships lies in erectile dysfunction.

Decide on a treatment method together

Tune in to the fact that, depending on the cause and degree of ED, treatment may take time and rapid improvement may not occur immediately.

The best treatment is the one that, in your mutual opinion, will contribute to improving the quality of your intimate life.

To prevent problems with potency in a marriage / couple , it is necessary:

  • Do not adhere to the routine of sexual activity. The stricter the spouses adhere to a certain schedule, the less pleasure they get, dissatisfaction increases, the risk of failure appears. In men with erectile dysfunction, this is most acute, they feel fear that they may have problems. And often, when he goes to bed, he does not stop thinking about troubles, he cannot completely surrender to his excitement, relax in bed, which inevitably leads to failure. Therefore, there is no need to plan in advance the time and number of sexual acts. Intimacy should be the result of mutual desire and passion.
  • The task of a woman is to distract a man from thoughts of possible failure, to bring him out of a state of self-doubt. A good option to distract from problems is a joint vacation, romantic walks.
  • Do not go to bed immediately after a quarrel, do not discuss relationship problems in bed, take it outside the bedroom.
  • A woman should understand and convince her man that not only his potency preserves their relationship and is the most important part of making love. There are a lot of ways to please each other. The initiative to carry out sexual intercourse by a woman is desirable.