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Kamagra is an oral drug used to treat male impotence or erectile dysfunction. It works by increasing blood flow to the penis to help a man get and keep an erection.

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Kamagra is the best and most popular generic of Viagra. It is a complete analog of the brand-name drug.

Generic Kamagra is manufactured by a well-known pharmaceutical company in India. The drug is released in the form of tablets. It helps overcome any failure of the reproductive reactions, regardless of the causes of erectile dysfunction.

This preparation is intended only for adult men of any age category and has practically no contraindications, with the exception of individual intolerance to components and the simultaneous use of other drugs of a similar type of activity or the use of drugs containing nitrates.

A number of physiological features and the presence of some health problems may serve as the basis for a more careful dosage selection.

The principle of action

The principle of action is very simple with Viagra because its active substance is sildenafil. When sildenafil enters the blood flow, it actively affects the blood supply processes of all human organs. It contributes to more blood supply to the pelvic organs, especially to the genitals. Kamagra 100 does not affect the erection itself, it only stimulates the natural processes. Sildenafil alone does not cause an erection, this is its undeniable advantage since one dose of the drug will not be enough for an erection, it will require natural sexual excitement and stimulation. Therefore, the erection won’t be sudden and uncontrolled.

This drug has passed numerous studies and clinical trials. According to the manufacturers, it is able to improve the potency in 82 % of men of any age. Even a minimum dosage of 25 mg was enough to make the drug work for more than 60% men out of 100 men. A special effect was achieved in men of an older age group with severe problems with erectile function.


The optimal dose for a middle-aged man without the presence of concomitant chronic diseases is one tablet containing 100 mg of sildenafil. It is possible to reduce or increase the dose. Not exceed the recommended dose without the doctor’s permission. This will protect you from any negative aspects, including overdose and side effects of Kamagra 100 mg.

Numerous studies have shown that in addition to increasing potency with regular use of Kamagra 100, an improvement in the quantity and quality of orgasms was found. On average, a drug at maximum concentration is able to improve an erection by almost 6 times.

Kamagra after the use and penetration of sildenafil into the body is easily and quickly absorbed. Take the drug on an empty stomach. Fatty foods will decrease the time of the drug absorption. One day is enough to complete excrete the active substance. The excretion process can be a little longer for elderly people or having any physiological and physiological characteristics.

How to take Kamagra 100 mg?

To achieve the desired effect, you need to take one tablet about 45-60 minutes before sexual intercourse. The tablets are washed with the plain amount of water. The drug begins to act quickly. By the time of sexual contact, its concentration will be maximum. Do not use sildenafil more than once every 24 hours.

Any medicine cannot be taken uncontrollably and independently, including Kamagra 100 mg. Therefore, to determine the course of treatment, it is necessary to undergo a preliminary diagnosis and examination, unless you have not passed these procedures before. In the presence of heart and vascular diseases, when for the most part excessive sexual activity is undesirable, a thorough diagnosis is vital before using this drug.

You should not combine the use of Kamagra with alcoholic beverages. Alcohol negatively affects potency. When using this drug together with strong alcohol, alcohol can reduce the effectiveness of the drug and lead to unpredictable consequences.


  • Hypersensitivity to drug components;
  • Nitrate therapy;
  • The use of other drugs of the same pharmacological group.

Possible side effects

Main side effects of Kamagra are:

  • dizziness and headache;
  • intermittent drowsiness;
  • nausea.

During the development of Kamagra, the side effects of sildenafil were minimized. They include nasal congestion, mild dizziness, or mild headache. Color disturbances and face flushing are possible. These side effects are mainly characteristic of the initial stage of taking the drug. They are associated not so much with the Kamagra effect, but rather with stimulation of blood supply. Minor side effects are normal. If you feel weakness, then most likely the components of the drug are not suitable for you. The application should be discontinued and tested for compatibility.


You should not use the drug if you are already using some medications to improve potency, an overdose is possible. Also, do not combine sildenafil with a number of cardiac drugs. In general, when taking various other substances, only the doctor can indicate the exact compatibility, since in many respects everything depends on the dose.