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Can Antibiotics Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Can Antibiotics Cause Erectile DysfunctionThe main concern of antibiotics is the elimination of viral infections from a decrease in activity to complete extermination. The effect of antibiotics on erectile function can be found with prolonged use of drugs. The therapeutic purpose of these funds is aimed at the complete destruction of bacteria and viruses, both pathogenic and beneficial, which can have a bad effect on males erectile function and libido.

It is important to remember that some drugs containing antibiotics can cause a syndrome of addiction to the active substance, which results in the replacement of treatments with more powerful pills. A side effect in such situations is a decrease in sexual desire and malfunction of pelvic systems and organs.

During medical experiments, it turned out that antibiotics affect potency if medications are included in the following groups:

  • drugs designed to reduce blood pressure;
  • hormone containing substances;
  • medications that affect the reduction of nerve impulses, remedies for depression, their principle of action is to reduce the production of testosterone.

Severe weakening of the body during the course of the disease and taking antibiotics lead to a weak erection. All the energy of the body is focused to the overcoming of the disease. Remember that similar problems can be encountered during the transfer of any disease, but the strongest effect of weakening potency will be during the recovery of the body after the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.

In most cases, according to statistics, in 95%, after the end of the introduction of antibiotics, sexual functions are normalized. Sometimes, with very severe course of diseases and long courses of medications, you need to wait for 1 to 2 weeks after excluding medications from the diet, and the male power will regain.

Some scientists say that the effect of antibiotics, rendered during their introduction, negatively affects the erectile functionality of the body due to the increasing natural tolerance of ailments, the protective reaction of the body. Another important factor is a decrease in the quality of seminal fluid. Doctors do not recommend conceiving a child during the course and treatment of diseases, as this may affect the pathologies of the fetus.

In situations when, after 14 days after the end of taking antibiotics, potency remains low, there is no need to self-medicate. Contact a specialist, according to statistics, such cases are quite rare 5-7% that’s why let a competent representative determine whether medications have affected libido or the problem lies in completely different reasons.

A decrease in potency is not the only negative consequences of taking these drugs, there are other side effects of antibiotics:

  • allergic reactions, such as itching and various rashes. Taking into account the age of the patient and the degree of severity, antihistamines are prescribed.
  • negative effect on the liver.
  • lesion of the auditory nerve endings.
  • violation of blood composition.

The connection between taking antibiotics and a decrease in male strength can reduce the work of the immune system, which leads in 90% of cases to the suppression of the body’s natural defenses, which means that other viruses, without experiencing strong resistance, can penetrate the body.

The patient’s body gets a serious load, because taking antibiotics and the work of the reproductive system are very closely connected. The meds can be replaced with others, canceled altogether or the dosage is reduced with the following manifestations:

When diagnosing the disease, it turns out that a person has an acute respiratory viral infection. Taking these medications will not cure the disease, but it will massively reduce immunity, which clearly prevents the body from coping on its own.

Often, the result of taking antibiotics is the appearance of diarrhea. The entire gastrointestinal tract suffers, dysbiosis occurs due to violation of natural barriers and killing of beneficial bacteria. Remember that in the presence of intestinal infectious diseases, it is necessary to identify the causative agent of this disease, and then take the prescribed drug.

The process of taking antibiotics is often accompanied by an increase in body temperature, pain syndromes, a general functionality violation of the body systems can lead to a weak erection but not erectile dysfunction.