Learning Community

Learning Community for Seclusion and Restraint Prevention
in Children’s Residential Centers

The project supports member agencies to learn successful strategies to reduce or eliminate use of seclusion and restraint in residential and day treatment programs.  Participants collect data on use of seclusion and restraint.  Aggregate data is reported back to agencies, enabling them to benchmark their performance across the entire group of participating agencies.


Trauma-informed training related to behavioral intervention is provided by peers and the project facilitator, Kristine Buffington, MSW, LISW, who specializes in clinical treatment of traumatized children involved in the public health, child protection, and juvenile justice systems.  A particular focus of her work is training professionals in best practices in trauma treatment and trauma-informed care.  There is no cost for OACCA members to participate.

Contact Mark Mecum to learn how your agency can participate in any of these projects.