The Child and Family Health Collaborative of Ohio, the “Collaborative”, is a social enterprise of OACCA.  It was founded in March 2017 to create opportunities for OACCA member organizations to collaborate with Health Plans, health care organizations, and government agencies.

The Collaborative is governed by the OACCA Board of Directors and a Governing Council chaired by Mark Mecum (President), Bradley Bahl (Vice President), Gary Stammler (Treasurer), and Susan Ballard (Secretary).  The Governing Council meeting schedule can be found here.

Current Services

Centralized and fast practitioner credentialing – learn more

Assistance with obtaining provider contracts with Ohio Medicaid Health Plans

Management of the Bridges statewide extended foster care provider network (Bridge is administered by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services)

Services Under Development

Creation of value-based payment agreements with Ohio Health Plans

Negotiation group discounts with health care billing clearinghouse providers

Please contact Collaborative CEO Mark Mecum to learn more about the Collaborative

Bridges Service Provider Resources

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Download our information sheet about Bridges here

Please contact the Collaborative’s Program Administrator Geoffrey Hollenbach to learn more about Bridges