Become a Member

Full Members
are private agencies located in the State of Ohio that are licensed or certified to provide direct care services to children or families and adhere to OACCA’s core values.  The annual cost ranges from $500 – $17,000/year, depending on the size of the agency. 
Pricing Chart

Public Partner Members are public county and state governmental agencies.  The annual cost for county agencies ranges from $300 to $1,200 depending on the size of county (see below).  Cost for state agency membership is $500/year.

  • Counties with 49,999 or less child population: $300/yr
  • Counties with 50,000-99,999 child population: $600/yr
  • Counties with 100,000 or more child population: $1,200/yr

Supporting Members include all other nonprofits, businesses, and individuals that support the mission of OACCA and don’t qualify for other types of membership.  Supporting membership in OACCA makes you a member of the National Association of Nonprofits!  The cost is minimally $500/year.


Affinity Partners are businesses interested in offering discounted pricing to member agencies through our Affinity Partner Program.


Questions about membership can be directed to Executive Director Mark Mecum at (614) 461‐0014 x2.