Prepare for the ICD­‐10/DSM­‐5 Transition


Trainer: Lisette Wright

Ohio behavioral health organizations are faced with the enormous challenge of transitioning from the current DSM-IV-TR/ICD-9 to the new DSM-5/ICD-10. OACCA is offering a training to empower your organizations to successfully make this transition.

December 10, 2014
Worthington Hills Country Club, Columbus, Ohio


Ohio Fostering Connections


Ohio Fostering Connections is organizing Ohio’s efforts to extend supports to foster youth through age 21.  Learn more and get involved in this statewide effort!


OACCA Releases CANS Report

OACCA is pleased to announce the release of “Use of the Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) in Child Welfare in the United States”. The report was commissioned by OACCA and written by Dr. John S. Lyons, developer of CANS.

Download the free report here.

The report advances an understanding of: – advantages and disadvantages of using the tool in Ohio’s child welfare system, – how the CANS is used in statewide child welfare systems, and – how the CANS is used as an outcomes management tool by providers and governments.

OACCA is partnering with ODJFS, PCSAs, and our members to explore the best methods to implement CANS in Ohio’s child welfare systems. The report will aid those efforts as it presents a variety of state implementation methods and clarifies the extent of its use with providers, clients, families, and governments.

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